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Inner diameter indicator instruction manual

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An inner diameter indicator is a measuring tool that reshape s the straight line displacement of a probe into a pointer reading. The measurement is completed by comparative measurement approach , which is used to measure the size and shape error of different aperture.

一、Check the operation instruction of inner diameter indicator table before use

1. Check the interaction and stability of the meter head.

2. Check the surface finish of the movable probe surface.

二、The basic parameters
三、Directions for use

1.Insert indicator into shaft hole of gauge straight tube, compress indicator one turn, tighten.

2.Select and install replaceable probe of required measurement dimensions and firm.

3.Hold insulation device while measuring.

4.Adjust the zero position according to the measured size. Adjust the zero position with the existing size ring gauge or parallel plane (micrometer), set the zero position with the minimum size of the hole axial direction or the minimum size in any direction between planes, and then repeatedly measure the same position 2-3 times to check whether the pointer is still aligned with the zero line, if not, adjust again. For reading convenience, the zero position can be set by integer.

5.When measuring, swing the inner diameter indicator to find the minimum size (turning point) in any direction of the hole axial or plane to read.

6.Rod, probe, indicator table, etc., should be used together, do not mix with other tables.

四、Maintenance and maintenance

1.Keep liquid away from coolant, cutting fluid, water or oil in contact with id gauge.

2.When not in use, the indicator should be removed thus that the meter is relieved of all its load and the measuring rod is in a free state.

3.Complete set is kept in the box to avoid loss and mixed use.